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Probably the best beef you can buy

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Rocknell Red Ruby Devon Beef Boxes

Red ruby devon beef is probably the best beef you can buy. Great beef starts with the breed.

A wonderful native breed with the perfect metabolism for converting grass into premium quality beef.

Beef reared on grass is high in healthy Omega 3 (good) fatty acids, it matures naturally over a slower time, producing tastier tender beef.

We only sell beef from animals born and reared naturally on our grassy farm,so you can be sure of its provenance.

Our stock are taken to a small local butcher with high standards of welfare and hygiene. Here the carcass is hung for minimum of 3 weeks, which is important to produce the delicious, flavoursome tender Devon beef.

Our beef is vacum packed and divided equally into 10 kilo boxes by our experienced butcher.

The boxes contain a mixture of steaks, minced beef, roasting joints and diced beef.

Rocknell Red Ruby Devon Beef Mixed Boxes 10kg Selection

1 x 10kg (kilo) Mixed Meat Box

A 10kg Mixed Box with various cuts of Red Ruby Devon Beef.

  • Minced Beef
  • Diced Beef
  • Roasting Joints
  • Steaks
Rocknell Red Ruby Devon Beef Mixed Boxes 10kg Selection

2 x 10kg (kilo) Mixed Meat Box

Two 10kg Mixed Boxes with various cuts of Red Ruby Devon Beef.

  • Minced Beef
  • Diced Beef
  • Roasting Joints
  • Steaks
£180.00 (£90.00 each)

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About Us

Graham Summerhayes


Anita Summerhayes


Ruby Summerhayes


The Rocknell Herd is owned and raised by Graham and Anita Summerhayes in the small village of Westleigh near Tiverton, Devon.

Graham was brought up on the family dairy farm near Wellington, working there until he was 40 years old. After a few years out of farming he wanted to return to his roots of breeding cattle, and he started The Rocknell Herd in 2006.

He decided to farm a native breed which could be reared naturally from the grassy Devon countryside that he now lived in.

Graham is helped by his wife Anita, a farmers daughter who has worked in the agricultural supply business for over 30 years.

The herd has 20 suckler cows producing breeding stock and slow maturing Red Ruby Devon Beef.

Breeding Stock

The Rocknell Herd was established in 2006 with the purchase of a Kerrs Lassie cow, which gives a strong genetic influence in the herd today. This cow produced 17 single calves and lived until she was 22, an excellent longetivity breed.

The foundation also included females from the Garradon and Barton herds.

The herd has mainly been breed by A.I., using a mix of traditional and modern genetics including Challenger Brigadier 3rd, Forde Abbey Aesop, Tillbrook Starlight, Efford Down Freddie, Brightly Diamond, Thorndale Assirati, Champson Defender and Bolowal Elgar.

We have been showing for 7 years at local and county shows with some success.

Now that the herd is established we usually have breeding stock available for sale. All cattle are home breed with nothing being purchased since 2011.

We are a member of The Premium Cattle Health Scheme.

Viewing welcome by appointment.


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